Standard Charges

(Sending Off Offences, Red Card Offences)

Sending Off offences are issued to players, substitutes or a substituted player. There are seven sending-off offences.

A standard charge is indicated with the letter S after the case ID number. These offences carry a standard punishment for the offence committed which is implemented nationally. Below are the recommended punishments for standard charges as outlined by The F.A.

ALL Standard Charges for Match Based Discipline ONLY will take place regardless of paperwork being received 7 DAYS after the sending off.

“Player sent off on Saturday 1st October – Player starts suspension Saturday 15th October”

A suspension for a sending off offence only applies to the type of football the player was dismissed for.

“a player who has been given a standard charge for violent conduct in a Sunday League Competition can play Saturday League Football during this period”

 Football Suspension Types – defined as

  • Saturday football
  • Sunday football
  • Midweek football
  • Schools football
  • Veteran’s football
  • Representative football

Different Rules apply to the above example for a participant who receives a Misconduct charge





Match Based Discipline



Serious foul play




Violent Conduct




Attempting to kick or strike another player




Kicking or striking another player




Violent head to head butting




Attempting to head butt




Head to head contact




Spitting or similar unseemly behaviour directed at an opponent or any other person (not at a match official)




Denying a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity by physical means or by deliberately handling the ball




Use of offensive or insulting or abusive language or gestures




Use of offensive or insulting or abusive language or gestures directed at match officials




Receiving a second caution in the same match




 Important Information

  • These cases must be returned within 7 days of the date on the letter
  • These cases do not require a player’s signature; a player should be informed of his suspension and payment responsibilities if applicable.
  • There is no opportunity to contest a standard charge, unless a claim of mistaken identity or wrongful dismissal has been requested.
  • Suspensions will always commence 14 days after the offence regardless of paperwork being received.
  • Qualifying matches to serve a suspension are dictated by the teams next scheduled fixtures, there is no opportunity to be selective in this process.
  • Qualifying matches are competitive fixtures for the team (not club) that the player received the sending off for.
  • Matches that are not completed in full will not qualify (changes to a players suspension should be formally notified to the County FA on the D56 form)

If you do not receive correspondence relating to a fixture you must contact the Lancashire FA within 7-10 days from the date of the offence.

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