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FA Disability Workforce fund

Investment into disability football

In 2016, the FA announced further investment into disability football via The FA Disability Workforce Fund (DWF).

As part of the DWF, a network of 29 disability-specific football development officers has been created, each with a remit of retaining and growing participation levels.

By 2019, DWF will have seen team numbers reach over 2,600; 1,000 recreational turn-up-and-play centres will be created; and 145 disability football education courses will be delivered to over 2300 coaches.

The FA is also working closely with the Premier League and English Football League Trust who also provide opportunities for disabled people to play.

Lancashire FA secured this three-year investment within the county to deliver the Disability Workforce Fund (DWF).

It will focus on delivery of informal 'turn up and play' centres, along with support team generation within the county addressing The FA’s emerging participation priorities:

1. Retention

2. Community Based Youth Provision

3. Impairment Specific Provision

4. Mental Health

5. Female Provision

6. Further Education & Higher Education

7. Walking Football

8. Lapsed Footballers

Through the DWF, Lancashire FA will look to:

  • Unite the game locally through the strategic coordination of all disability football provision and investment across the project area, influencing key partners to align provision and investment to positively impact the priority areas of delivery for disability football.
  • Support and build links with local partners especially disability service providers, to add value to the project and to identify new target audiences of disabled people.
  • Facilitate an increase in participation within disability football by developing recreational turn up and play centres targeting new and lapsed players.
  • Strengthen existing, and create new male and female disability teams playing on a local basis, accessing the County Disability League.
  • Deliver a comprehensive and inclusive disability coach and volunteer education programme to support the local disability football workforce.
  • Raise the profile of good news stories and the range of disability football opportunities across the pathway.
  • Identify and support players to access the disability football talent pathway and support players exiting the pathway to participate within grassroots programmes.

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