Junior Football Leaders

This course provides a basic introduction to leadership skills required when involved in football. The course will primarily introduce 4 areas: Assisting Football Activity Sessions, An introduction to refereeing, helping with a Team & Different Football Events – in addition to these areas, Respect, Promoting the Game & Developing the game will be embedded during the Guided Learning Hours.

Course Aims & Objectives

To provide learners with an introduction to Leadership skills that may be used within the game and beyond. In the first instance the young leaders should be supported by more experienced qualified people within the game to support their development.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Course (1 GLH)
    • Course content
    • How to get involved in Football
    • Getting involved & helping those involved to ‘get better’
  • Assisting Football Activity Sessions (2 GLH’s)
    • Creating a Safe Learning environment
    • Organizing games
    • Introduction to the basics of Fundamentals
  • An introduction to Refereeing (1 GLH)
    • Preparing to referee
    • Whistle techniques & and introduction to Ball In, Ball Out
    • Safety of the Players and Re-starts to the Game
  • Helping with a Team (1 GLH)
    • Preparing for the game
    • Warm-up prior to the game
    • Organizing and Managing players expectations
  • Different Football Events (1 GLH)
    • An introduction to three different formats of competition
    • Using these in a practical setting

Practical Involvement: Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximize their opportunities for learning (however inability to participate will not prevent successful completion of the award).

Course Pre-requisites

Prior to certification, candidates are required to:

  • Be at least 12 years of age

Period of Registration

12 months

Course Duration

6 Guided Learning Hours

4 Notional Learning Hours

Course Resources

  • JFL Student Resource Pack, whistle & Certificate
  • JFL Teacher/Tutor Resource Pack

Successful Completion

All workbook tasks must be completed and evidenced documentation of the students 4 hours of voluntary work experience completed and verified by the Teacher/Tutor.