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We hope that you are pleased with the service and experience that you have received from us and our associated Clubs and Leagues, and that you'll never have reason to complain - but if there is something you are not happy with, initially you need to tell the relevant Club or League about it straight away, following their Complaints Procedure, so that they can try to put matters right.

If you are still not happy with how this has been resolved, please escalate this to us at Lancashire FA, so we can try to put matters right for you.


How we handle complaints

At Lancashire FA we have a procedure that details how we handle complaints and you can find it below.

Complaints Procedure 

We will deal with your complaint efficiently and:

  • Make it quick and easy for you to contact us about your complaint.
  • Ensure we investigate thoroughly to obtain full information about the situation so we can assess your complaint fairly.
  • Communicate with you, keeping you informed of progress and advising you of the results of our findings in the timescales we have promised, or let you know why any timeline has been extended and a revised date for resolution.
  • Take appropriate action according to the results of our findings.

Complaints about a Match Official, Club, League or Participant

These types of complaints are handled by the Discipline Team - click below to access the forms to make your complaint about a Match Official, Club, League or Participant. These vary according to who your complaint is about.


Complaints about Lancashire FA

This type of complaint is handled by either the Discipline Team or, if the complaint is about the Discipline Team itself, the Safeguarding Team handles this to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Click below to access the form to make your complaint about Lancashire FA.



These types of complaints are handled by the Discipline Team - click below to access the forms to make your complaint to report Discrimination on the grounds of one of the Protected Characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010.




Use this form to report any instance where you consider a child, young person or adult at risk to have been harmed or be at imminent risk of harm. These are serious concerns / incidents where the concern is associated with football-related activity. 

Safeguarding Concern Form