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FA/CRC Acceptance Advice

Guidance on the stages of an FA/CRC

There can be confusion as to when an FA/CRC for a volunteer has been 'Accepted' by the FA, subsequently clearing them to work in regulated activity.
Most of our clubs are now using the GBG Disclosures website regularly to process internal applications and for the club welfare officer to verify the documents of the club’s volunteers.

We applaud this independence as it allows much more local flexibility and is potentially much quicker than relying on the County FA for verification assistance.

Those familiar with the system will know that when an application is complete, the icon shows green on the system with the completion date.

However, this does not mean the CRC is 'Accepted' - merely that the certificate has been issued.

In cases where the certificate has no criminal content, it usually takes around three working days from the certificate completion date to the records being updated on the Whole Game System.

The FA is notified when there is some form of historical criminal content on the certificate but are not aware of the nature of that history.

In order to properly safeguard children and young people, the FA request the certificate from the applicant in order to conduct a risk assessment.

In many cases this process takes place quickly and the certificate is subsequently 'Accepted.' In others however, where the content may be more complex, the risk assessment can be more protracted.

Where coaches and managers see their certificates under risk assessment, it is the club’s responsibility to ensure children are safeguarded and hence there should be no unsupervised contact with players until the CRC has been 'Accepted.'

Club Welfare Officers can monitor this progress using the Whole Game System, which will inform them when the certificate is eventually 'Accepted.'

In instances where Club Welfare Officers have queries, or when the system appears to be unduly lengthy, they are asked to get in touch with our Designated Safeguarding Officers Neil Yates or Chris Doherty for clarification.

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