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Natural Turf Pitches

Grass Pitches right across our county is what our great game started on and continues to play a pivotal role in the community.

Millions of players over the years started at the local park, school and many progressing to stadium environments at all levels of the game.They remain our biggest facility asset, but also our biggest challenge, needing tender care, endless hours of devotion, investment and support. Please take time to review the section on the FA Pitch Improvement Programme, for details on how to care for your natural turf/grass pitches.  

Many of our areas across the county also have Playing Pitch Strategies (see the relevant section here) This identifies and understands what field sports require, in their locality with regards to natural and artificial turf.  In some cases, this will identify a shortfall or over supply of pitches in actual numbers and the quality.

If you are at the point where a new natural turf pitch is to be developed, you will find specific links and documents of use along with guidance, to ensure the standards that are expected for Football to be played on are met, and that it is safe and compliant to play and train on.

Sport England Provide a comprehensive guide and notes in relation to outdoor surfaces. There are specific pages as well for Football in this link

Sport England Guide

The Grounds Management Association, formally known as the Institute of Groundsmanship, are the FA’s partner for the FA Pitch Improvement Programme, (see that in the relevant section) and can also support and guide you on any developments of new grass pitches.

Grounds Management Association

In Lancashire, working with the GMA, we can call on their Regional Pitch Advisor, and can also speak with colleagues at the FA and the Football Foundation who may be able to assist, so if you are unsure drop us a line.

When developing a new pitch make sure you look at the above guidance and the Technical Data Sheet for Grass Pitches, produced by the FA and the Football Foundation. There are also professional consultants you can speak with. Several are listed on the Contractor Services and Support Tab, (Please note we do not provide recommendation lists, this is merely to give you some information),

We would also advise that you visit SAPCA Sports and Play Construction Association, where there are fuller links and details on consultants.