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Premier League Stadium Fund

Funded by the Premier League, the Premier League Stadium Fund awards capital grants to EFL, National League, Women's Pyramid and Welsh Premier League down to the lower levels of the FA National League System.

This funding covers Lancashire FA affiliated National League System clubs from Step 1-6, and clubs in the Women’s pyramid Tier 1-4 along and as your County FA, we’re keen to work with and target Clubs who have ambition to develop their facilities. To support you through the application process and engage colleagues at the fund and football foundation, when needed. 

There are several funding windows throughout the season, however we advise any clubs keen to develop their facilities to meet ground grading requirements in particular for future seasons. Please get in contact as early in the process as possible, to ensure plans can be developed in good time by following the link and keeping us copied in. 

Keep an eye out too for some of the success stories in Lancashire, that have been funded by the scheme over the recent years, with hopefully many more to come. 

See our specific tile and pages to access ground grading information and speak to your league facilities representative who can also provide great help and support. .


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