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Rules and Regulations

Useful downloads for clubs and leagues

Some helpful resources regarding a variety of rules and regulations within football:

Developed by the FA for open age football.

These Rules are mandatory for all Competitions at Step 7 of the National League System and below, and The FA Women’s Pyramid (excluding The FA Women’s Super League).


The Standard Code of Rules developed by the FA for Mini Soccer and Youth Football Competitions.


FA recommended goalposts sizes and pitch markings for the following forms of the game:

  • Mini Soccer 5v5 and 7v7
  • 9v9 Football
  • Youth Football
  • Adult Football
  • Football pyramid Steps 1 - 7 (Football Conference down the pyramid)
download the FA Guide to Pitch and Goalpost Dimensions

A league cannot approve a club's 3G pitch if it is not shown on the FA 3G pitch register.

Clubs will not have the necessary insurance cover, either public liability or personal accident, unless a 3G pitch is on the FA 3G pitch register and then approved by the league.

The following is found in the FA SCOR, under Section 10 (B):

"Football Turf pitches (3G) are allowed in this Competition providing they meet the required performance standards and are listed on the FA’s Register of Football Turf pitches. For clubs playing at Step 7 and below a pitch must be tested (by a FIFA accredited test institute) every three years and the results passed to the FA. The FA will give a decision on the suitability for use and add the pitch to the Register."

The providers of 3G pitches are fully aware that league games cannot be organised or allowed unless the above is conformed with.

Click here to view a full list of 3G pitches registered to Lancashire for 2017/18.

If your club is looking to host a foreign team in a friendly or planning to travel abroad on a pre-season tour, you'll need to first get approval.

This applies when your club is playing a team from the Republic of Ireland or any other FIFA country, and not teams from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Download and complete the application, and email it to John Treacy.

download application to play against foreign teams

If your club wants to sign a player aged 10 and over who has either been registered for a club from another country (including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), or is a foreign national registering for a club in England for the first time, you'll need to apply for international clearance.

It's the club's responsibility to find out whether the player needs clearance.

Download and complete the form and email it to

download international clearance form

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