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Debt Recovery

Advice for retrieving unpaid debts

Football Debt Recovery is operated by Lancashire FA to assist with the recovery of debts from affiliated clubs, leagues and competitions.


  • Debtor: The participant that owes the debt 
  • Creditor: The party who the debt is owed to 
  • SUP: Suspended Until Paid 
  • FDR: Football Debt Recovery
  • Sine die: Suspended with no set date. It is likely that a sine die imposed for a FDR would be immediately lifted on receipt of the payment. 

Football Debt Recovery is a system that the County Associations operate in order to recover outstanding money from participants.

The request could be from a Club, a League or a County Association.

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Who can help with my query?

As an alleged debtor you will have 21 days in which to respond to the letter, from the date printed on the top right-hand side of the first page.

You may respond in two ways:

1. Accept the debt and pay the amount owed.

This can be done using either the Whole Game System as per the letter, or by contacting Lancashire FA's Discipline department and making a card payment over the phone.

2. Within the 21 days you may dispute the debt.

This should be done in writing, clearly outlining the reasons you wish to appeal, and delivered by post (Lancashire Football Association, The County Ground, Thurston Road, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 2LF) or email ( You will then hear from us in due course.

Please do not attempt to clear the debts with the club or league once you have received a letter. Now that it has been processed through our system, only the Association can resolve this matter.

On receipt of payment, a notification will be sent to you in the form of a clearance certificate quoting the Football Debt recovery reference number, which is known as an action number.

Even if you have registered for a club and never kicked a ball, you will still be eligible for an apportion of a debt if the club folds or withdraws from a league owing money.

As a player you must de-register yourself immediately when you wish to cease membership with a club to avoid being liable for any outstanding club specific debts.

If you have any further queries about the letter you have received please contact the Discipline department at Lancashire FA.

You can also read the full debt recovery procedures in The FA Discipline Handbook.

Download League/Competition Debt Recovery Form

Download Club Debt Recovery Form

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