mini whistlers

Mini Whistlers Scheme continues to succeed

The scheme, sponsored by Dr Oetker, has seen over 600 children participate in the last 12 months

Lancashire FA’s Mini Whistlers scheme was held again last month, with more budding young Lancashire officials taking part.

180 pupils, aged 9-11, took part in the three-day-event between 25th-27th September, where all participants gained an insight into refereeing, practical sessions doing assistant referee flag signals, refereeing matches and more.

The programme promotes the values of respect, teamwork and leadership not just in refereeing but also in life, providing the young pupils with great foundations for the future.

A spokesperson from Dr. Oetker said: “We’re delighted to continue our support for the Mini Whistlers programme.  A proud Lancastrian manufacturer and family owned business, Dr. Oetker believes in, and shares many of the values the programme hopes to inspire in kids.”

Lancashire FA Referee’s Consultant, Eddie Wolstenholme said: “The Mini Whistler Programme was designed to mature and educate youngsters to respect others and improve behaviour patterns, not only in schools but also in the community. It's also about fair play and basic understanding of equality and diversity within our fast moving and busy lifestyles.”

“Throughout the years its success has been unprecedented, with increased numbers year on year with the latest figure being just over 600 in the last calendar year.”

“We are indebted to Dr Oetker for their continued support which is one of the main reasons for it's success.

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