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Disicipline Office to be open until 8pm

The trial period will last for six weeks, twice a week

Lancashire FA are introducing a trial period for a late evening service for all your discipline enquiries.

Starting on Tuesday 15th January, our Discipline Office will be open 9am - 8pm every Tuesday and Friday for a six week trial period. The trial will end on Friday 22nd February, and a review of the effectiveness of the service will then follow.

Ahead of the start of the trial period, Lancashire FA’s Discipline Manager, Hayley Mather, said: “ We thought this trial would be beneficial for our customers."

"Whilst we appreciate that people use email now more than calling in, if there is help available later from the department that can answer queries in the evenings by phone, video call or answering emails it will assist participants who cannot easily contact us during the daytime. We will assess this at the end of the trial period and determine if this is a need or if there is a better alternative use of the evening time we can offer.”

To get in touch with our Discipline Office on these evenings, please call 01772 644268