Appeal against a decision of a League or Competition

Under the Standard Code of Rules if you have the right to appeal against a decision of a League or Competition where the sanction directly relates to your club then you may wish to consider appealing this.

An appeal is NOT a rehearing of the charge and grounds are limited to the following:

  • Unconstitutional conduct – for decisions taken at an SGM/AGM only
  • Failed to give the appellant a fair hearing - this ground would be used if you haven't been given an option to have a hearing or that you felt the hearing was unfair in some way.
  • Failed to comply with the disciplinary procedures relevant to the hearing of the charge - this would be applicable if the charge didn't have the right rule breach or the procedures outlined in the standard code of rules haven't been complied with, so a hearing wasn't given, a charge wasn't issued, the timescales by the league
  • Came to a decision on the facts of the case which no reasonable body could have reached - this would be used if you believed that based on the facts that were presented no other hearing panel would come to such a decision on the same set of facts.
  • Imposed an award order or sanction which is excessive - if the fine was in excess of the fines tariff or you have reasons to believe it is excessive for other reasons.

Appeal requests must be submitted within 14 days of the decision letter and there is an appeal deposit to pay which would be returned if your appeal is successful.

If you wish to go ahead please complete and submit the form below.

Further details to assist you are contained in your League/Competition rules, look up; Powers of management, protests, claims, complaints, appeals & Special General Meetings.

If you are still unsure if this is the right avenue for you please contact info@lancashirefa.com for further advice.

 Appeal Form