Debt Recovery Request Form for clubs

Clubs recovering debt

As a club if you are owed money from participants who have been a member of your club we may well be able to assist you with the Football Debt Recovery Service. There are some restrictions on the time you have to do this and also the type of debt that is owed.

Before you complete the application please note the following:

  • Debts can only be recovered if they are within 112 days from the debt owing.
  • Debts that are not discipline money, must be in excess of £50
  • As the Alleged Creditor (the club who is owed the money) you must be able to prove that you have made reasonable efforts and formal requests (written and dated requests)to recover the debts before you use this service.
  • You cannot make an application to recover debts from players under the age of 18, unless they were playing in an Under 18 Competition at the time of the debt.
  • Debts can be recovered from: Club Officials, Officials, Managers, Match Officials, Management Committee Members, or members or employees of a Club. These are defined as alleged debtors.
  • A £25 administration fee is payable by the alleged creditor for each claim. This may be used and added to the total debt passed to the alleged debtor.
  • Recoverable debts =costs that have arose directly from a football activity, including disciplinary fines and costs, match fees and costs, club subscriptions and playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire)
  • Non recoverable debts = Incidental costs, debts that have not risen directly from football activity such as fundraising activities.
  • For any debts that are not defined, it will be the Affiliated Association will in its absolute discretion, determine the matter.

Each claim form will be permitted for one participant but will enable you to submit multiple debt claims. If you have more than 10 individual debts for one person please do not complete the form in the first instance but email

Please complete and submit the form if you can confirm that:

  • The debt is valid and recoverable as described above
  • It is within time, 112 days
  • The Participant is over 18
  • The debt is over £50
  • You agree to pay the £25 administration fee

Request Form