LFA partner up with LVS in Hate Crime Awareness Week

We are pleased to announce that following meetings through the year we have managed to secure a partnership with Lancashire Victim Services to help support all participants regardless of age who have been a victim of hate crime.

This is a free service that will be offered on receipt of a complaint being made to provide emotional support to those who have been a victim of hate crime, regardless of whether they are pursuing a formal complaint or not.

In addition to this we have also made an application to become a victim friendly organisation, within the next year. This will ensure that key members of staff are trained to complete referral forms on a victims behalf and people not just in football but the community can use a safe and secure environment to confide in us. 

Lastly we are also able to announce that in partnership with LVS we are developing a training programme to educate participants on what is a hate crime and how these types of incidents effect people, in an attempt to reduce the number of these incidents. 

For further information on the good work that LVS carry out please click below:

Lancashire Victim Support