We Only Do Positive

Lancashire FA continues support for Respect across youth football

Lancashire FA will continue to spread a positive message of Respect across youth football throughout the 2019/20 season and beyond.

The ‘We Only Do Positive’ campaign – part of The FA’s wider Respect initiative – will return for the beginning of the youth football season this weekend following a successful 2018/19 season helping to create a positive environment for players on- and off the pitch.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of positive behavior on and off the pitch for young footballers, educating parents and coaches on their role in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for children to play the game.

Results from last season showed increased awareness of the Respect initiative amongst all grassroots participants and, in particular, within youth football, with widespread positive feedback from over 200,000 coaches and club officials and 86% saying fixtures are now being played in a positive environment

The FA’s wider Respect initiative launched in the 2008 after a build-up of behavioural problems in the National Game. Other recent campaigns include 21 Days of Positivity, which was taken up by thousands of coaches across the country and supported by England Manager Gareth Southgate and players across England’s senior teams.

Lancashire FA’s Head of Safeguarding, Neil Yates, said: "Lancashire FA is an enthusiastic supporter of the FA’s We Only Do Positive programme.”

“All the available research from football and sport in general confirms that children learn more quickly, and enjoy their game more when adults are consistently positive. In Lancashire we are proud to incorporate this key message into our unique Adults In Junior Football Workshop where we challenge parents and volunteers to change the nature of the noise.”

“We ask them to replace the constant barrage of conflicting instruction with support, encouragement and praise. Whilst we hosted a designated Positive Weekend last season we are acutely aware that this needs to be culturally embedded across every team in every club in every league. Our work will not be complete until that day comes.”

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