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Covid-19 Situation: Questions & Answers And Guidance For You

Lancashire FA FAQ's 

We know that with the uncertainties of the present situation, there are many unanswered questions for us all. To provide some answers, and to give an overview for everyone in football to understand how the Covid-19 situation is affecting different areas of the game, we have put together an FAQ document.

This is an evolving document, that will be expanded to include new questions and answers received over time, so please check back regularly to see updated information.

We value your input here to make this document as useful as possible, so please send us your questions using this form. Our response to this will be directly on the FAQ document so that everyone can benefit from this information sharing.

Lancashire FA FAQ's 


The FA FAQ's for Leagues and Clubs

The FA have put together a useful guide for Leagues and Clubs highlighting key areas and their response to this unprecedented situation.



The FA Grassroots Tech Team - Online AGM's

The FA have provided guidance on how to use technology, and the process involved, to run a virtual AGM. This means your usual meetings can still take place in an online format.

Online AGM's