A female referee officiates a match

Referee Promotion | 2020/21 Season

The Officials Who Have Been Promoted By The FA for Season 2020-21 Have Been Announced

Lancashire FA is delighted to announce the names of those referees who have been successful in being promoted to Level Three and Level Four for the 2020-21 season

Level Three

  • Matthew Archibald
  • Aran Hodgkinson
  • Simon Robinson
  • Shaun Taylor


Level Four

  • Joseph Hind
  • Daniel Curran
  • Matthew Moss
  • Anthony Parr Robinson
  • Peter Fuller
  • Matthew Pope
  • David Martindale
  • Paul Watson
  • Joshua Pycroft
  • Keenan Wright

 All of the above have been rewarded for their effort and consistency during 2019-20 which saw them enjoy excellent marks from both observers and clubs. We are proud of them all and look forward to monitoring their progress closely nest season.

We are also conscious that there are other colleagues who were not successful in securing promotion and who will obviously be feeling disappointed at this time. In commiserating with them all, we offer them our continued support and guidance, and hope that with renewed professionalism and commitment next season, they too will be celebrating in twelve months’ time.