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NHS Test and Trace in Grassroots Football

Guidance Effective from 24 September 2020 - Action Needed Now

The Government has recently updated their guidance on maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors for certain settings in order to support the test and trace system, which officially launched on 24 September.

The new guidance covers the following settings:

Clubs providing team sporting activities
Facilities for use by elite and professional sportspeople (including sports stadia)
Indoor sport and leisure centres
Cafes, including workplace canteens
Bars, including bars in hotels or members’ clubs

The Requirements

Specified settings must:

Ask at least one member of every party of customers or visitors (up to 6 people) to provide their name and contact details
Keep a record of all staff working on their premises and shift times on a given day and their contact details
Keep these records of customers, visitors and staff for 21 days and provide data to NHS Test and Trace if requested
Display an official NHS QR code poster from 24 September 2020, so that customers and visitors can ‘check in’ using this option as an alternative to providing their contact details
An alternative check-in method must also be maintained to collect the contact details of those who don’t have the app, for example a handwritten register, which must adhere to General Data Protection Regulations
Hospitality venues must also refuse entry to those who refuse to participate

Failure to do any of these requirements will result in fixed penalty fines.

QR Codes | Action Required

The new guidance now includes a section regarding the use of QR codes, and this requires you to take action in order to ensure your record keeping is compliant.

You must register for an official NHS QR code and display the official NHS QR poster from 24 September 2020. 

This will enable your visitors and customers to quickly 'check in' to your venue using their smart phone.

How the QR Code Works

The NHS COVID-19 app has a feature that allows users to quickly and easily ‘check in’ to your venue by scanning the code. The information stays on the user’s phone.

In England, you do not have to ask people who choose to ‘check in’ using the official NHS QR code to then also provide their contact details. If there is an outbreak associated with a particular venue, a message will be sent to the relevant app users with the necessary public health advice.

This system is designed to avoid the reintroduction of lockdown measures and support the country to return to, and maintain, a more normal way of life.

In addition to maintaining and sharing records where requested and displaying an official NHS QR poster, you must also continue to follow other government guidance to minimise the transmission of COVID-19. This includes maintaining a safe working environment and following social distancing guidelines.

When Did This Come Into Effect?

This updated guidance came into effect on 24 September and failure to comply will result in Government issued fines of up to £1,000 for venues that are failing to comply. Fines will rise to up to £4,000 for repeat offenders.


Full information on test and trace can be found HERE 

Full FA guidance can be found HERE

For more information on creating a QR code for your venue, visit the NHS website.

If you have problems using this online service, call the QR code support service.

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