Safeguarding & North Riding FA

Lancashire FA Safeguarding Training Programme 2021

This is designed to supplement and complement, not replace, The FA’s formal safeguarding education programme

This programme is designed for Lancashire FA staff, directors, and our county’s regional welfare officer network in order to educate and upskill as many people as possible on safeguarding related items. 
Please note this is designed to supplement and complement, not replace, the FA’s formal safeguarding education programme:

January – Children during Covid Lockdown

Article from the Child Mind Institute

Family Activity Ideas

February – Online Challenges (Safer Internet Day February 9th)

What is Safer Internet Day?

Videos to watch with your children

The work of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

March – Neglect

Definitions and prevalence article

Short clip about the signs and indicators of neglect

April – Physical Abuse

Domestic abuse and victim support information

Abuse in sport article

May – Sexual Abuse 

How groomers operate clip narrated by a young person

Article on the stereotyping of perpetrators – it can happen here!

Spotting the signs and “The Boyfriend Model.”

June – Emotional Abuse

Academic research on emotional abuse in sport (pp 173-181)'_perceptions_of_teachers'_autonomy-supportive_behaviours_affect_physical_activity_behaviour_An_application_of_the_trans-contextual_model/links/0deec53c4221ff29f2000000.pdf#page=3

A clip on “Tough Love” versus Emotional Abuse

July – Substance Misuse

Young people and substance misuse

Effects of parental substance abuse on children

August – Voice of The Child

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child

Giving children a voice in their sporting activities

September – Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Article and video on adults at risk

Appropriate language around disabilities

October – Mental Health (World Mental Health Day October 10th)

Video – We all have mental health

Strategies for young people with poor mental health

November – Bullying (Anti Bullying Week November 15th – 19th)

Advice for parents on bullying and cyberbullying

Video clip on the impacts of bullying

December – Learning Disabilities

Including children with autism in sport

What are learning disabilities?