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Lancashire FA Recruitment of Football Advisory Board Chairs - Apply Today!

We need committed people to shape the future of football in Lancashire.

Lancashire FA are delighted to announce that recruitment for our Football Advisory Boards (FABs) has begun.

These were promised as part of the consultation and development of our revised modern governance structure in 2019, which was designed to give the footballing community wider representation and more dynamic involvement in the Association’s strategy and delivery, and allow greater numbers of people to have a say, share ideas, and overall have more input in creating Lancashire’s football for the future with wider benefits experienced by the membership.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in football as we need a group of dedicated volunteers with specialist interests and experience in focused areas of the game with whom we can test ideas and gather feedback, as well as hear opinions, perceptions and innovations that will influence our next steps.

What are the Football Advisory Boards?

We are setting up permanent, on-going FABs, and also project-based FABs that will only come together to help us focus on a specific area of the game, utilising particular skills and expertise in our community that we may not have.

The following Football Advisory Boards (click to access each FAB for their full terms of reference and details of their remit) are being set up, with others to follow as they are needed:

Clubs | County Cups (Project-based FAB) | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion | Leagues | Referees | Women & Girls | Youth Voice

Apply by 9th July to Chair our newly forming Football Advisory Boards.


We are initially recruiting an independent Chair for each FAB. This person will then be tasked with recruiting members of the team, enabling the FAB members to be recruited on an independent basis.

Chairs for our FABs need to be committed and passionate about creating a unique forum that will provide a voice for Lancashire's footballing community, and ultimately shape the future of football in the County. They need to have the ability to foster a collaborative team dynamic and be able to Chair meetings effectively, generating productive group discussions whilst allowing all voices and points of view from the group to be heard and given due consideration.

You can read the Chair Job Description here, and it should be read in conjunction with the terms of reference for each FAB, (shared above), as, together, these outline full details of the Chair and each committee’s remit and responsibilities and any membership requirements.

FAB Chairs are voluntary roles, and you may only sit on one FAB as this will ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Lancashire FA is an equal opportunities employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we welcome applications from our under-represented communities to ensure our FABs are representative of Lancashire's diverse football community.


We want to hear from you if you have the skills, experience and passion to be part of creating the next step in our more responsive and agile organisation, heading up one of our FABs, to make a sustainable difference to football in Lancashire.

Access the application form here.

The decision to progress your application will be based solely on the information that you provide in the application form. To ensure a transparent and open recruitment process, all application data received will be anonymised and assessed against a skills matrix, with a maximum of three applicants invited to attend an interview with the Recruitment Panel, planned for the week of 19th July. This will be with one member of the Board and the Lancashire FA Lead for the specific Football Advisory Board.

Best of luck with your application – we look forward to hearing from you!