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FAB recruitment for Clubs and Leagues

Our Football Advisory Boards (FABs) are the forums for the voices of Lancashire’s footballing community


Our Football Advisory Boards (FABs) are the forums for the voices of Lancashire’s footballing community, feeding opinions, ideas and footballing needs directly into the Lancashire FA Board of Directors and Executive to influence football’s focus across the County.

We are currently recruiting enthusiastic and committed volunteers to join the ‘Clubs’ and ‘Leagues’ Football Advisory Boards, and you can find the full terms of reference for these two FABs below:

Clubs Terms of Reference
Leagues Terms of Reference

FAB Structure

The ‘Clubs’ and ‘Leagues’ FABs both have sub-groups that focus on specific areas of male* football pathway (Youth / Saturday Adult / Sunday Adult / National League (Steps 1-6). In your application form you can let us know where your interests and experience lie, so you focus on the area of football that you are most passionate about.

Each FAB is overseen by a Chair, who works closely with the Lancashire FA Lead, and also liaises with the Lancashire FA Board on all matters relating to the FAB – you can find more information about the Chair’s role from the Chair Job Description, and you can let us know if you are interested in being the Chair for either the Clubs or Leagues FAB within your application.

* Note: Female pathway football is represented by the Women & Girls FAB, whilst disability pathway football is represented by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion FAB.

To Apply

Take a look at the FAB terms of reference above, along with the Chair Job Description if this is also of interest, and then complete this application form by Sunday 21st November 2021.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a brief, informal interview during November and December.

Lancashire FA is committed to equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion, and welcomes applications from our under-represented communities as we are keen for our FABs to be representative of Lancashire's diverse football society. Lancashire FA is also a values-led organisation, and it is really important that anyone joining us shares our values of creativity, inspiring, teamwork, caring and integrity.

Best of luck with your application – we are looking forward to hearing from you!