Smokefree Sidelines - Leagues & Clubs Partnership Opportunity

We’re delighted to launch our new Smokefree Sidelines initiative in partnership with the NHS.

Following the successful launch of Lancashire FA’s partnership with the NHS, it pleases us to inform you that we are now in a position to open this opportunity up to our Leagues and Clubs networks here in Lancashire for the 2021 season and beyond.

Our aims are focused on encouraging players, families, friends, coaches, teams, leagues, and clubs to join us on this journey in creating smokefree sidelines across Lancashire. We are very keen to see our partners come with us on this journey as we all play an active part in creating the right environment.

Given this disruption caused through the impact of COVID its evidently clear that whilst we all get back to the game we know and love, we can collectively do more to support and endorse a healthier football environment across Lancashire safeguarding all those directly involved.

We are very proud to support and champion such a worthy initiative and we ask that Leagues, Clubs, and volunteers join us on this important journey. Should you wish to find out more information on the programme and indeed sign up please see the documentation on this landing page and the supporting weblinks below.

Iain Kay, Head of Participation & Development at Lancashire FA said:

"This partnership will assist Leagues, Clubs and volunteers across Lancashire in creating the right Smoke Free environment at training and on match days. NHS statistics highlight that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in Lancashire and a staggering 133,000 people in Lancashire still smoke. As the governing body for football in Lancashire we want to ensure both adults and children are safe from second hand smoking and second hand smoke and this partnership is our commitment to that. Through the continued and diligent work of the grassroots football workforce and with the wider support of the Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS we can now all do our part to ensure we are actively promoting Smoke Free Sidelines and creating safe environments to play, volunteer and spectate."

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