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Lancashire FA has signed the Muslim Athlete Charter

We're delighted to announce that we've signed the Muslim Athlete Charter to demonstrate our commitment to equality and diversity.

Lancashire FA signs the Muslim Athlete Charter, demonstrating its commitment to equality and diversity.

With a growing number of Muslim players in the game, as well as an increase in support from Muslim fans, Lancashire FA has signed the Nujum Sports Muslim Athlete Charter to listen, learn, and adopt good practice to help our players flourish and our fans feel supported.

The pledge is a commitment to further recognising Muslim needs in the sport, and includes a check list addressing Muslim player’s needs. This pledge is part of Lancashire FA’s wider work around inclusion, equality and diversity and an important aspect of our vision to create a game for everyone. 

CEO and Founder of Nujum Sports, Ebadur Rahman, said: "Having signed the pledge, Lancashire FA is joining a positive movement of solidarity, equality, and recognition of the contribution Muslims make in their respective clubs and teams. Nujum is here to support organisations and contribute positively to their equality and diversity agenda. We are here to help them aspire to be even more inclusive and build on the passion and love we have for our respective clubs, players, and fans."

By signing the pledge, Lancashire FA looks forward to working with Nujum Sports and hopes to continue working with them to get fully accredited in the future.

To learn more about Nujum sports and the pledge please click here.

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