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Keeping Lancashire Safe - Defibrillator Funding

Read on to understand how you can apply for defibrillator funding at your club.

The Premier League announced its donation of more than 2,000 defibrillators to grassroots football as it recognised that there was inequality around health equipment access between the professional game and grassroots, and the importance of every player having access to cardiac support equipment as quickly as possible.

In addition, Lancashire FA is delighted to be able to provide 'match funding' support for clubs that are not eligible for equipment from the Premier League. This is via our Benevolent fund and through the support of fund-raising activities by Tim Brice (Tim Brice photography), Dazza Williamson (D&C Goalkeeping) and Angela Sharpe (Daisy First Aid), who raised significant funds through the sale of grassroots photos, donations from grassroots clubs on the Fylde Coast namely Blackpool FC Girls and Fleetwood Town Juniors, a goalkeeper wars event and donations from Daisy First Aid. We are extremely grateful to Tim, Dazza and Angela for their efforts here to support the distribution of this vital equipment.

Where Should I Apply First?

Applying for funding, in the following order, will enable funds to stretch as far as possible, supporting the maximum number of clubs and players.

1. Premier League Defibrillator Fund
2. Lancashire FA Benevolent Fund

Premier League Defibrillator Fund

The Premier League Defibrillator Fund, funds defibrillators and/or cabinets to any facility operator that has previously received a large capital grant from the Football Foundation or any club running their own facility where there can be wider access and benefit to the local community too. Click to access full details about eligibility for Phase 1 and Phase 2 funding and ask Lancashire FA for support to apply if you need it.

With approximately 2,000 sites nationally able to benefit from this fund, and provision of units granted on a 'first come' basis, it is important that you apply for this funding as soon as possible before it runs out. We are conscious that the Lancashire footballing community is significantly under-represented for applications to this fund.

Lancashire FA Benevolent Fund

If you don't meet the criteria for Football Funding from the Premier League Defibrillator Fund, and cannot obtain any other funding for this purpose, we will be able to offer 'match funding' for the purchase of 40 defibrillators, either on their own or with cases or cabinet units. This offer is available for clubs directly or Local Authorities, for their major footballing park (it must have an onsite building (pavilion/store, toilet block) that has electricity supply to site a cabinet and to house a defibrillator). Ideally, we would hope that the defibrillator equipment is purchased along with a cabinet so that it can be accessed by both footballers and the wider community.

On this project, we will be working with North West Ambulance Service, who have said of this initiative 'We know the importance of getting equipment as quickly as possible to someone in the event of a cardiac arrest. Lancashire FA are a fantastic supporter of fund-raising and distributing this vital kit, and we are delighted to be continuing our work together to ensure equality of access to life-saving equipment.'

Lancashire FA has also been working with internationally-hailed expert in cardiovascular health, preventative medicine and wellness, Dr Dorian Dugmore, who was instrumental in setting up a cardiac screening programme monitoring the health and fitness of over 120 Football League Managers for the League Managers Association. He has helped to support staff's health and well-being during the pandemic, and we will be bringing our insights on the important subject of heart health and wellbeing to the Lancashire footballing community next year.

In the meantime, you can complete this form to start the application process for match-funding for defibrillator equipment and contact us if you need any initial support here. Equipment will be offered on a 'first come' basis so please do get your application in to apply as soon as possible.

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