070323 International Womens Day

International Women's Day 2023

Lancashire FA celebrates the role of women in grassroots football

Lancashire FA today released its latest series of digital content to mark International Women’s Day 2023, recognising the contribution of the thousands of women involved in various roles across grassroots football in Lancashire.

Lancashire FA is proud of its commitment to equality and diversity, with a Board of Directors which is 50% female. Similarly, half of Lancashire FA’s employees are female. We continue to promote opportunities for women and girls to get involved in the game across the county, guiding them towards participation, coaching, learning and funding options. 

Video versions are available to view here.

Contributor Details

Rachel McQueen

Director, Lancashire FA & CEO, Marketing Lancashire 

Rachel Mcqueen
“This is Lancashire, where over 80,000 people of all ages play grassroots football week in, week out. Let’s recognise some of the many women who contribute to the growth and success of the game across the county.”

Hollie Bond
Coach, Cadley FC

Hollie Bond
“So I’m halfway through my UEFA C course at the moment, and it’s just really rewarding to be able to come up with new ideas, to be able to facilitate a better training session for the girls.”

Jo Ashworth
Head of Football Delivery, Lancashire FA

Jo Ashworth
“We believe football should be accessible and welcoming for everyone, regardless of ability or background.”

Judith Hughes
Club Welfare Officer, FC St. Helens

080223 Judith Hughes
“I’ve been volunteering in football for over 35 years. I’ve seen the positive benefits football can give to people’s lives. It takes a lot of dedication, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like being part of a massive, big family.”

St. Annes U13 Kestrels

St Annes U13
“We like playing football because we like being part of a team!”
“We like playing football because it’s fun!”

Francesca Dean
Lancashire Spitfires Powerchair Football Team

Francesca Dean
“We want to inspire the next generation because it doesn’t matter where you start in life, most importantly it’s about having fun.”

Julie Davey
Chairman, Carnforth Rangers
Julie Davey
“We put a lot of time and effort into making sure our children have a fun and safe environment here at Carnforth Rangers and I am proud to play a key role at this club.”

Olawapelumi Bammeke
Coach, Sir Tom Finney FC
“As coaches, we can instil self confidence into people of all ages.”

The Mums
St Anne’s FC
The Mums
“We love watching the girls. Very passionate… We’ve got great facilities here. Probably does need a bit of updating, as do the changing rooms, because there’s nowhere really for the girls to get changed.”

Molly Langford
Molly Langford
“Lancashire has over 1000 qualified grassroots referees, and I really enjoy my role, participating in a safe environment.”