Lancashire FA and Veo thrilled to launch new partnership

We’re excited to be working with an innovative and groundbreaking company leading the way in sports camera technology.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Veo, the sports camera technology company with a mission to eliminate the unfair distribution of technology in sports.

Veo challenges the idea that sports technology is only for the elite. Hence, Veo aims to make sports technology accessible to all, to help every player and team take their game – and their sport – up a level.

Veo recently introduced the Veo Cam 3, representing a groundbreaking leap in sports camera technology. This third-generation camera seamlessly combines technological advancement with reliability, retaining its iconic green triangle design while being portable and integrated into one unit for ease of use. 

In terms of connectivity and live-streaming, users can experience an improved control range, allowing camera control and instant playback on the phone without proximity limitations. Enhanced WIFI coverage ensures a faster and more stable connection during uploads. The 5G readiness of the Veo Cam 3 future-proofs your technology, with redesigned antennas ensuring optimal long-range 5G signals. Users can enjoy a seamless live-streaming experience, building on the success of the Veo Cam 2.

When it comes to video and audio quality, the Veo Cam 3 introduces new lenses that provide sharper video quality. The addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR) brings lifelike colors to your footage. Advanced wind noise reduction technology guarantees clear audio, even in challenging conditions.

True to their values in making technology accessible to all, Veo is offering all customers who use our Lancashire FA link a £200 discount on a Veo Camera.

Click here to visit the Veo Website and access our discount

*The discount only applies if you visit the Veo website via this bespoke link