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There are a variety of ways that someone with a disability or an impairment can get involved in football in Lancashire. 

All of our provision comes under the PAN Disability approach, though we do also have impairment specific teams.

PAN Disability football is inclusive of a wide range of disabilities, and players with different impairments often come together to play in the same team.

The Frenkel Topping Ability Counts League aims to provide regular football opportunities for people with disabilities/impairments and provide a clear pathway from grassroots disability football to elite disability football programmes.

The Community Inclusion Mental Wellbeing League is for individuals using football as a recovery tool. It is played within community settings and its main focus is on social integration and interaction with individuals football. The element of physical activity as part of football therapy helps promote physical and mental well-being 

The Special Schools PAN Ability League aims to encourage young people with a disability/impairment, who may not ordinarily be able to access a mainstream football environment. Using support networks within schools, we enable these young people to access a structured footballing opportunity which is right for them.

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“The Ability Counts League allows a wide range of people to come together and play football, something which they might not otherwise get to do.

“Clubs are continuing to grow, while communities who may traditionally be harder to engage with are able to get involved too.

“Frenkel Topping sponsor the league to help make it more accessible financially for people with disabilities, removing that particular barrier by paying for referees, facilities and equipment, which we are extremely thankful for.

“We ensure that the facilities are as accessible as possible and make it an inviting and welcoming environment for our participants, allowing them to relax and focus on playing football and competing against each other.

“It’s a brilliant way for people to make friends and maintain social relationships. They are all passionate about football and everyone has fun and enjoys themselves, which is great to be part of.”

Iain Kay, Head of Participation & Development, Lancashire FA

The Frenkel Topping Ability Counts League is run as two mini leagues, split into Part 1 and Part 2, with a cup competition at the end of all fixture dates.


County Ground, Lancashire FA

Contact info@lancashirefa.com if you require further information. 

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