A Mini Whistlers course

Mini Whistlers

An introduction to refereeing for schoolchildren

We've teamed up with Leyland-based sponsors Dr. Oetker to deliver the Mini Whistlers programme to schoolchildren.

Mini Whistlers aims to help children develop a basic understanding of football and refereeing, as well as an awareness and understanding for the need of figures of authority within sport and society.

The programme helps assist in reducing conflict within school and engaging children with behavioural issues in positive diversionary activity.

It also raises awareness of the principles of ‘fair play,' and helps children unify and enjoy the school environment.

The course is principally aimed at school children in Years 5 and 6, although it can be delivered to Year 7 or Year 4 children if the school so wish.

The course is designed to fit in with the needs of the school with a recommend contact time of 2-3 hours.

It is delivered over one day and the majority of the sessions are practical-based (playing and refereeing), with minimal time in the classroom.

Each participating pupil receives a whistle along with yellow and red cards, in addition to a Mini Whistlers T-shirt and certificate.

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