Start your coaching journey with Lancashire FA

Think back to when you were just starting out on your own footballing path.

You may have started kicking a ball around from a very young age, or it might have taken you a bit longer to discover you really enjoyed it.

Whether you started playing with your family or friends, at school or at a club, it's likely that somewhere along the way was an adult who encouraged and inspired you.

Dedicated and caring football coaches have the potential to do just that - and being a coach is, as a result, one of the most rewarding roles in football.

So if you believe you could have a positive impact on others, help them develop into better footballers and instill the love of the game into them, no matter the age, then coaching could be for you!


Become a Coach

Here are a few reasons why you - yes, you - should get into coaching:

  • Give something back to the game and to your local community
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills
  • Be a positive role model to the next generation
  • Meet new people, make new friends and support each other
  • Set yourself goals and challenge yourself to achieve them
FA Grassroots Coach

Development & Courses

In order to become a coach, there are a few courses and workshops you'll need to take.

They are all aimed at ensuring you become the best possible coach you can be.

We also have a duty to keep young and vulnerable people in football safe, and you can help us with that.

Take a look at the qualifications you can obtain as a coach - and take the first step on your journey today!

It's also worth finding out if you're eligible for an FA Coaching Bursary which will help you on your way.

On top of that, you may benefit from our FA Coaching Mentor programme and the support it could offer you.

A helping Hand

CoachingĀ Support

The majority of our staff members here at Lancashire FA are involved in grassroots football themselves and so can swiftly recognise any problems or issues a coach may face.

We're with you every step of the way on your journey to offer support and guidance.

We also offer a range of initiatives and programmes designed to help you learn and develop as a coach.