CRC Update for Clubs

Important information regarding Criminal Records Checks.

In the past few weeks we have written to the Club Welfare Officer of every club or organisation in the County which provides youth football. The purpose of this e-mail was to offer clear advice to all clubs on the changes to the Criminal Record Check (CRC) process within grassroots football. We are now communicating this information more widely to ensure that all clubs and leagues have direct access to it.

In simple terms, following the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, and extensive consultation between the government and the Football Association, there has been a clarification of those roles which are eligible for CRC. In addition there is now a definition of what is classed as regulated activity. These details can be found by
clicking here

The most critical element of these changes is that it is now a pre-entry requisite for a coach or manager (or assistant) to have an “Accepted” CRC PRIOR to being officially involved within the club or organisation.

Should this process not be strictly followed as part of a wider safe recruitment process, the legal responsibility now lies with the club NOT the County FA.

We have therefore requested all CWOs to complete an audit of volunteers to establish who is eligible for a check. Once this is done priority should be given initially to those who have never applied for a disclosure. Following this, we strongly recommend all pre-2009 CRCs are updated. Beyond this FA policy will demand renewals are carried out at least every three years.

All CWOs have been sent the link to register the club for the Online CRC service which is much cheaper and accurate than the previous paper-based system. It will henceforth be county FA policy not to offer the paper alternative. It is thus essential that clubs ensure they have put the necessary plans in place to offer volunteers online applications.

Should you have any queries on this please contact 
Neil Yates or Chris Doherty or ring 01772 624000.

A Frequently Asked Question document can be found below for further guidance on the changes.